you figure 0.70/lb hanging weight. So for 200lb live weight hog will have a hangining weight of ~180lbs- (180x.70)= $126 for processing. For them to gain 1lb/day once piglets start to eat pellets (i.e. are weaned from mom), you have to feed them at least 3lbs of food/day. So piglets could weigh 10+lbs at weaning, so they need to gain 170 more lbs and my feed cost 0.20/lb. SO now we have 170lbs to gain X 3lb/day=510lbs of feed needed — 510×0.20= $102. SO FAR we are up to $228, then you have to add in electricity for running electric wire for your pig pen and cost of water (they’ll need a lot, esp in summer). And nobody works for free so factor in your time..hope that helps, and keep in ming that 3lbs of feed/day is avg., sometimes you’ll feed more and sometimes youll feed a little less. Depends on if you have scraps or pasture to raise them on.  You can expect anywhere from 50-75% meat from your butchered hog depending on breed, size, and quality. For this example, for a 200lb live wt hog, at 70% yield, you are looking at 126lb of meat in your freezer at the cost of ~$1.80/lb not including water,electricity, & time.

By John Womack

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